So many squares…

Well, it’s Sunday again and I have been working on my Harmony Blanket this week. (Usually while watching the tennis. I haven’t dropped too many stitches I hope!) It’s been a bit cooler (thank goodness!) and so New Cat has been curled up very close as he has moulted a lot recently. This has almost resulted a couple of times in a hook up the butt as he doesn’t really give any warning when he jumps up!

Anyways, here’s some pics for you – I suspect I will run out of the Parma Violet (the joining yarn) before it’s done. (Luckily I just happen to have some spare 🙂 )


It’s back to work full time this week so it will be interesting to see how much more I get done. Should probably work on my Seekrit Project actually…

See you next Sunday!