Moving on…

…or what I have been up to.

Well, the term started and the stitching and the blogging stopped. 😦

But, thankfully, the term is now sorting itself out and the stitching and the blogging have resumed 🙂

So, I’ve put the Harmony Blanket aside for a little bit, partly because it gets a bit much doing all the one colour after a while (and it’s been REALLY hot), but also because Stylecraft are about to release a new Jane Crowfoot design for their next CAL. It’s called Frida’s Flowers and it’s based on the skirt designs Frida Kahlo wore. At first I was all like… um, no. I will manage. But it’s really growing on me and I expect it will be added to the rotation ere long. (Although I am planning on being good and not buy yarn for it until I’m ready to start. No. Don’t say anything. I WILL BE GOOD… 🙂 )

So this got me to thinking I really haven’t done much on the last Jane Crowfoot CAL (at time of writing you can download it for free here, but let me know if they change it and I haven’t noticed) since last year so I’ve picked that up again. Apart from sewing in all the ends, I’m much further ahead with it than I realised – and, since I’ve left it for a while, it’s lots of fun again. (Although 44 ends on each panel? Seriously? Who does that?)

I’m on Part 7 (out of 8) and have a (new) strict sew-in-ends policy after each block. Plus then the ends from one of the earlier panels. Hopefully that will make the task less daunting towards the end. (I lost my yarn needles a couple of weeks ago – but then on Friday I bought some more)

Here’s few pics of how it’s going so far – looking forward to putting it together.

As you can see, lots more to do still, but getting there. I hope to have finished the other two Block 7s by next week. (Promises, promises 🙂 )

See you next Sunday!

xx J.


So many squares…

Well, it’s Sunday again and I have been working on my Harmony Blanket this week. (Usually while watching the tennis. I haven’t dropped too many stitches I hope!) It’s been a bit cooler (thank goodness!) and so New Cat has been curled up very close as he has moulted a lot recently. This has almost resulted a couple of times in a hook up the butt as he doesn’t really give any warning when he jumps up!

Anyways, here’s some pics for you – I suspect I will run out of the Parma Violet (the joining yarn) before it’s done. (Luckily I just happen to have some spare 🙂 )


It’s back to work full time this week so it will be interesting to see how much more I get done. Should probably work on my Seekrit Project actually…

See you next Sunday!

Catching up…

Well, again – long time, no post!

Let’s try again…

I’ve been doing a rather large amount of crochet recently but I won’t post all the finished objects here today. Might do a post on them a little later. I will, however, post link to my WIPS (works in progress) and then we can see what I do with them…

Currently I’m right into the Harmony blanket by Lucy over at Atttic24. I love the colours and, apart from all the ends, it’s relatively painless. Plus, it’s gorgeous. And did I mention the colours were great? 🙂 (Yarn is Stylecraft Special DK.) Doing the squares has been great during the warmer weather as there’s not a whole heap of yarn on my knees.

New Cat has been helping me, as per usual… takes him a while to find a comfy spot. And with all the moulting he’s been doing in the hot weather I suspect the cold hits him a bit harder so he is drawn to to the crochet like a moth to a flame. There have been more than a few close shaves with the hook!

Next WIP is Sophie’s Universe by Dedri Urys at LookatwhatImade. The design is fabulous and complicated and just so very very cool. I have been really enjoying it but the hot weather has meant I’ve had to pop her away for a bit. I’m making her in Classic 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

Third WIP is another one from Attic24 – the Jolly Chunky Bag. This is a great one to take places as it’s not too big – although with colour changes every row you do have to carry a few balls of yarn with you. But the project itself isn’t too big. I’ve also been practising standing stitches and an invisible finish. Looks pretty good – but I need more practise to make it fluent.

Fourth WIP is the Lily Pond Blanket by Jane Crowfoot. All I have to say is So. Many. Ends. I will finish it – mainly because I am more than halfway through (plus it’s going to look AWESOME) – but I’m seriously going to have to be in the mood to do so.

I have a granny mandala blanket that I am making up as I go along and I also have a Seekrit Project which I’ve almost finished. Just the border to go and then all can be revealed! 🙂

This week I’m back at work on Wednesday so much less time for stitching, sadly 😦 Luckily the tennis is on today and tomorrow so I have even more excuses to sit and stitch in the meantime!

See you next Sunday!