BQ Update 19-6-2007

…and more STASH!!!

New stash 21-6-2007


I discovered that a certain online store was having a sale so I shopped! I bought the charms for BQ and a couple of Kreinik threads that I needed for a another couple of designs. I do like to shop for things locally but it’s hard to buy them when they are not there!

I also couldn’t resist a couple of bookmark patterns from Dracolair. Check out this one and this one. What’s the bet that I will extending my WIP list soon!?!?!

xx J.


2 thoughts on “More Barnabee…

  1. Barnabee’s is coming along a treat Jess. I did put an order in to that certain store also but alas the day before the sale. Oh well I wanted what I got anyway.

  2. Hi Jess, looks like you WIP list is certainly growing. Are you a “fast” stitcher? BQ is looking good too. Is there any scrapping being done at your place or has stitching taken over (hehehe). See you round … H.

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