Well, here is week one of the Fantasy Wedding blessing by Dragon Dreams. For some reason I have been unable to locate the second colour for the border. I think it may have somethign to do with the bad combination of a 3 year old and my floss boxes. So that bit will have to wait until I can buy some more next week.

Wedding Blessing - week one

I am finding Cashel Linen a bit of a pain to work with, I must admit. It is very floppy and hard to get straight on the Q-snaps. The Caron Waterlilies though is beautiful. I love it! If it wasn’t so expensive I’d convert to silk in an instant! 🙂 BTW – the fabric is Moonbeam from Stitches and Spice and is hand dyed. It is even lovelier in real life.

Also, here is a progress pic of Barnabee’s Quest designed by Nan Caldera of Just Nan.


I have been working on it for a few weeks now and did some of the over-one stitching on the violets this week. Of course I thought that I really should get started at least on the Wedding Blessing so BQ has suffered for the cause…

Close up of over-one stitching

And you scoffed at me Val…lol…Let’s see if I can resist starting the other designs this week as well… 🙂

xx J.


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