Not much stitching

Well, not much to report this week as I have been knitting! Nothing to show for that either as I am waiting for needles but will let you know how I go.

So here is a current pic – taken on Sunday…


And thank you to those who have commented this week – it’s nice to knwo people are reading this little blog!

xx J.


More Barnabee…

BQ Update 19-6-2007

…and more STASH!!!

New stash 21-6-2007


I discovered that a certain online store was having a sale so I shopped! I bought the charms for BQ and a couple of Kreinik threads that I needed for a another couple of designs. I do like to shop for things locally but it’s hard to buy them when they are not there!

I also couldn’t resist a couple of bookmark patterns from Dracolair. Check out this one and this one. What’s the bet that I will extending my WIP list soon!?!?!

xx J.

A sad day.

I learnt the hard way today to make sure that not only are my stitching things out of reach but also out of sight. I have a lovely beaded scissor fob made by my friend SueD that has now at least one less tassel on it. And my couch has many more beads hidden in its depths… *sigh*

The scary thing is is that it was DD (3yo) who cut it. Imagine if she had cut herself??? Terrifying. Still, I don’t think she will be touching it again anytime soon. Well, not tomorrow at least…

Sunday updates

Well, here is week one of the Fantasy Wedding blessing by Dragon Dreams. For some reason I have been unable to locate the second colour for the border. I think it may have somethign to do with the bad combination of a 3 year old and my floss boxes. So that bit will have to wait until I can buy some more next week.

Wedding Blessing - week one

I am finding Cashel Linen a bit of a pain to work with, I must admit. It is very floppy and hard to get straight on the Q-snaps. The Caron Waterlilies though is beautiful. I love it! If it wasn’t so expensive I’d convert to silk in an instant! 🙂 BTW – the fabric is Moonbeam from Stitches and Spice and is hand dyed. It is even lovelier in real life.

Also, here is a progress pic of Barnabee’s Quest designed by Nan Caldera of Just Nan.


I have been working on it for a few weeks now and did some of the over-one stitching on the violets this week. Of course I thought that I really should get started at least on the Wedding Blessing so BQ has suffered for the cause…

Close up of over-one stitching

And you scoffed at me Val…lol…Let’s see if I can resist starting the other designs this week as well… 🙂

xx J.

Welcome to Sunday Stitching

Ok Ok – I know it’s not Sunday today – but I just got new stash!!!! And since some of it is to be used as a wedding present for my sister I thought I would start my posts today.

So, onto my new stash…

  • Fantasy Wedding Blessing by Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams)
  • You are what you eat by Holly Gordon of Imaginating
  • Dance in the Moonlight by Carol Scott Higeli of The Stitcher’s Habit
  • Star Light also by Carol Scott Higeli
  • My first skein of Caron Waterlilies silk thread (for the wedding design)
  • All ordered in for me by Janine from Colours Down Under. Isn’t she lovely to feed my addiction..??? 🙂

    Actually, it is so long since I have bought any stitching stash that I am very excited and don’t know what to start first!!! Of course, I *should* start the wedding sampler so perhaps I will get onto that and then post a progress pic on Sunday.

    So I am off to kit up the chart. See you on Sunday!!

    xx J.